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  • Manveen Saini

How to Prepare for University

Making the switch from high school to a fast-paced university environment can be intimidating. Learn Manveen's story as an Honours Science student how her work ethic and mindset helped her navigate through her first year of university.

My post-secondary journey started in September 2021 when I started at the University of Waterloo in the Honours Sciences program. Coming from a COVID classroom and remote learning environment my transition to university was already extra challenging.

If I could give my high school self one piece of advice it would be to develop good studying habits. Understand if you need to study weeks in advance for an exam or if you can efficiently retain material within a few days’ time. Find what studying means to you! What allows you to learn the material efficiently but also truly understand it. Studying for me is creating concept maps, and making connections so I can grasp material and relate to it, so I truly understand it. Find the habits that work for you and stick with them when you start your post-secondary education.

Outside of academics go into your university/college education open-minded to clubs and other initiatives! Some of my closest friends came from joining extracurriculars at the University of Waterloo. It is a good way to meet new people and pursue your interests so you have an escape from all the stress university can be. Besides clubs, explore the facilities your school provides! These can range from a world-class gym, art classes, fitness classes, or even mental health programs. One piece of advice I wish I had during my first year that I want to convey to you is to make sure you use all the support your school provides. Find out if your school provides tutoring services for your classes, or whether group study sessions are being held. For me, private tutoring with older students really helped me during my first year. They helped me stay on track with my classes and to help ease the stress of transitioning to a university course load. Knowing that other first years were also in the same boat as me really put my mind at ease.

So far university has been one of the best experiences of my life! I have grown so much as a person but also found new friends and mentors that I have had the honour of meeting. Just know that the transition may be a bit challenging in the start but once you find your balance, the journey is going to be so fulfilling! I wish you the best in your future endeavours and I hope the KICK conference allows you to explore what the future could hold for you!



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